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The EmrgNSee (Emrg+N+See) Festival for electronic music and emerging visionary, participatory art. July 18-21, 2008, near Salem, Oregon; only one hour south of Portland, Oregon and one hour north of Eugene, Oregon. Outdoor camping on 100 acres of private land; workshops, multiple stages, food and art vending. Yes, we know that "emrgnsee" is the goofiest spelling ever. It's commonly misspelled as the: emrgnsee festival, emergensee festival, emergnsee festival, emerg-n-see festival, emergency festival, emergen-c festival, emerg-n-c festival, emerg-n-cy festival..


The lineup features a stellar mix of established and newer acts from jazzy-funky-trip-hop to breat-beat-dubstep-glitch. No matter what you call it, emrg+n+see will lift you up and move you:

Ana Sia

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With an honest passion of prayer thru movement & music, i weave an experience eclectic in rhythm & rhymes, to hit in all the necessary spots…guaranteed to get the dancefloor crunked & connected. inspired by all things green, rumbling reverberations, eccentricities, ethniticities, irony, fruit, puna, love…

anahata sound

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Music producer, multi-voiced singer, celestial song healer, highly accomplished sound engineer, voice over talent, bells and whistles wig, transmission channel, performing fARTist, puppeteer, dancer and fun time maker…
anahata sound creates soundscapes of heartfelt eclectica. Drawing from influences as diverse as jazz, gypsy, avant-garde, electro-acoustic, bosa nova, underground hip-hop, a’capella, opera and experimental… From recording in Hawaiian caves, Native American ruins, jungles in Costa Rica to gettin’ down in her studio in Oakland and playing shows all over the world. anahata is continually influenced by the Universe, Earth, Humanity and our connection to harmonizing them through sound, smiles and artfully moving the body!
In addition to anahata sounds solo project she is also a member of The Funginears and has mixed sound for the Yard Dogs Road Show, Has been the established front of house sound engineer for The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival for the last six years, mixing artists such as Roy Hargrove, Benny Green, Grammy award winner John Clayton, and Christian McBride.
anahata is currently involved in the community by collaborating creatively with other artists, volunteering with at risk youth and teaching qi gong, she is currently finishing up her album, Scores of Silence and will release it soon.


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E.L.M. / Buried in Time
Beau Crouch aka b0t23, aka Databrokers, aka Johnny Cache, first started DJing in the Southern California rave and outdoor party scene around 1997 and now produces idm influenced electro/breaks and experimental electronica. You can still catch dj sets in a few cities on the west coast this year.
He will be bringing to EmergnSee his downtempo/electronica sound for a more chill and heady but dancey vibe, check out the mixes online entitled SnowJam, Subdued Textures and Euphoriant to get a better idea of this sound.
Track Releases: “MunkyVsRobot- Return”, made with Logreybeam on Colony Productions out of the UK entitled “Colonized 01″ alongside Tipper, Deru, RD, Abstrakt Knights, and more. (
Also, “Databrokers - Gigaslop (b0t23 + EVAC) on the new Buried in Time release. This new Portland Oregon label is well on its way to being one of the best new additions to electronic music in the this part of the world.
( Look for more music by Databrokers as me and EVAC collaborate this year.

Chris Sia

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The coalescing collaboration of artists, lovers, creators, activists, servants, healers, teachers, students, sadhus, dancers, revolutionaries, iconoclasts, jedi, poets, sculptors, secret squirrels, snugglers, pilgrims, nerblers, warriors, tantrikas, coming through me and with me and through you and with you to create the richest tapestry that weaves the many threads to the one where you are loved and held by the many so that you may never forget that we are the visionaries of the moment…


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newsuperheros music
GYPSYPOP! - A New Unveiling of a Grand Tradition .. acoustic gypsy music with melodies that live in the deep resources of the soul. a staircase, a sun with the buzz & pop of new planets .. a smile.


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Danny (DannyCorn or the “DC”) has been spinning music and laying waste tocrowds since he first got his Fisher Price Record player at the age of 1.At age 13, the “DC” trained in the mystical arts subsonic shiatsu with aclandestine society of ninja monks. His musical influences are endless andhis dj style is boundless, often bewildering/inspiring people in the crowdto proclaim aloud new genres of music such as “thugstep” and “glitch-hall”as they convulse on the dancefloor.

Eleven Eyes

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Dance, funk, world, and trip-hop beats meet top-class jazz musicianship. Eleven Eyes is a versatile sonic package melding trumpet, sax, vocals, turntables, computers, guitar, bass, and drums with high energy improvisation, deep grooves, and unexpected textures. The Eyes have been feature artists at music festivals such as Oregon Country Fair, Summer Meltdown, Gene Harris Jazz Fest, Eugene Celebration, Jazz at Newport, Bite of Seattle, Fremont Fair, & the Salem Art Fair. Eleven Eyes has also gained a loyal hometown following and received the 2005 and 2006 WOW Hall award for favorite local band! Plus, Tim came in as a finalist in 2005 and 2006 as best instrumentalist (next to Dick Dale, Tony Furtado, Steve Kimock and Buckethead). This is all in addition to the 2005, 2006, and 2007 Eugene Weekly award for best jazz band!

Eliot Lipp

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Tacoma Mockingbird put Eliot Lipp on the radar of critics and listeners worldwide seeing non-stop touring and glowing internationional press coverage. Pitchfork Media went nuts for the single “Rap Tight” and gave the album a strong review. RE:UP Magazine named Eliot Lipp as “Beatsmith of the Year”, while URB Magazine chose Eliot as a hot artist to watch (”Instant 2006″ feature), alongside other renowned artists like TV On The Radio, Lady Sovereign, El-P, Lupe Fiasco, Goldfrapp and a few others. Clash Magazine (UK) exclaims that Tacoma Mockingbird is “one of the most promising instrumental hip-hop debuts of 2006.”


[ Link ] [ Top of Page ]
Jason Hann and Michael Travis (percussionist and drummer from the band The String Cheese Incident) compose this brand new 100% improvised live breakbeat, trip-hop, house, and drum n’ bass project. Nothing is pre-recorded, nothing is pre-rehearsed, nothing is pre-looped, no sets are pre-planned, no song will ever be repeated, and each night of music is completely unique to the listener. Drawing from the ethos of some of the great DJ’s and computer artists of the world, they use cutting edge technology to create truly original and melodic dance music in the moment, with the undeniable power of live drums. The music is all created on the spot, recorded, then mixed and remixed live to create an ever evolving musical experience. Since the project is 100% improvised, every night promises to be a unique dance experience. Hann and Travis play different roles in this band than in SCI. Jason plays the drum kit, percussion and sampler, while Michael is in charge of the tonal elements, playing bass, guitar, and keyboards, and hand percussion and live mixing.


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Soundtrack to your Everyday Temporary Autonomous Zone Deadly Meta Transmissions


[ Link ] [ Top of Page ]
Soot, Shockout, Jarring Effects
Filastine creates music that bends genre, cutting mutated hiphop with international street rhythms to build a new sonic territory defined by nomadism, beat science, and massive bass. Based in Barcelona but constantly on the move Filastine brings the soundclash to every type of club, squat, and festival imaginable across the earth, playing in nations across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Australia. His live sets are a deep exploration of rhythm and noise, layered with live percussion, ranging from dubbed out disorientalism to slamming beats that weld batucada & grime.

In 2006 Filastine dropped his debut release, Burn It, to much critical acclaim on DJ Rupture’s boutique imprint Soot Records, it was then re-released by French label Jarring Effects, Japanese glitch label ROMZ, and the anarchist media collective Crimethinc. A new album is nearly finished, likely out in late 2008. Filastine tracks have aired on the UK radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbs & the late John Peel, and peaked at #15 in French independant radio charts. Less visible are the spins on pirate stations in the Americas, or the more than fifty thousand downloads of his dj mix on

Before making dirty electronic beats Filastine busied himself with the Infernal Noise Brigade, ¡TchKung!, and composed music for butoh dance. Sound is also a tool of direct action for Filastine. He conducts guerilla audio interventions and has been assaulted or arrested by police of many uniforms in the course of his work.


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As pioneers on the eternal quest for brand new kinds of fun, the Funginears integrate vocal percussion, puppetry, poetics, collaborative storytelling, musical shananagins and (r)evolutionary silliness of all sorts to create interactive extravaganzas for children of all ages. with slipery toes nestled in the healing power of laughter and the visionary bonanza of co-creative play, The Funginears are puppets who use the splendiferus energy of beatboxing and vocal soundscapes to puzzle piece together a narrative flow, taking the audience on an epic journey through the realms of imagination. all the way to the Krystal Unicorn Fortress!


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By age 13 he was studying guitar and playing in a band, by age 15composing his own songs as well as singing and playing guitar. He Cuthis teeth Djing at a weekly house night in Portland OR at the Red Seaback in 2001. Always keeping a hand on the Vinyl he took some time offfrom musical ventures to hit the road. At age 23 he started touringwith the 8 piece World Fusion band Hamsa Lila. He spent about half theyear as tour manager and then took on duties as both tour and bandmanager, touring not only the US but also going to Canada and Mexicowith the band. At 25 he started playing an instrument called theGuimbri, a skinned lute from Morocco. He also started playing theTurkish Saz, and took over duties not only as manager but also asguimbri/saz player with Hamsa Lila for over a year. Wanting to startfocusing on music production and Djing again he started collecting anat the time un known (for the most part in the U.S.) style of musiccalled Dubstep. A genre now blowing up the world over. He continues tospin strictly top shelf Dubstep plates. His current productions underthe moniker Pyramid Plans are in the process of being finished andreleased with the next level production company Bounce Reflex llc.Dubstep,Breakstep, World, Breaks,Hiphop,glitchStep,….He drops the heatevery time, until the end of time.

GlobalRuckus (PDX)

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Trans-global groove maniac. Growing up as an outcast weirdo son of immigrant polka listening parents in the wilds of NE Oregon, a life of frequent travel abroad exposed him to a dizzying array of musical styles. After years playing at the Pyromid in BRC, he finally brought his penchant for world party music to the dance floors of the west coast, Mexico, Nepal and Tibet with an eye on Europe this fall. Expect gypsy beats, Balkan bangers, Japanese hip-hop, cumbiamuffin, bhangra-ton, dancehall, arabica, and any other possible variety of ethno-mesh. Dance!

Heavyweight Dub Champion

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Presenting one of the most exciting live electronic performances in the world, the Heavyweight Dub Champion experience is like no other musical liberation movement. Two shamanistic sonic alchemists – Resurrector and Patch - transcending space and time with a live 60+channel mix of deep revolutionary audio, with vocal insurrection and raga reverence from A.P.O.S.T.L.E, Jillian Ann and the mighty Stero Lion.

Firmly rooted in Hip Hop, Dancehall Dub and Electronic music, Heavyweight Dub Champion is a movement of interdimensional warriors representing the Army of the Last Champion. Their source is Primal Creative Force that is powerfully represented in music, words, visual art, and video. Through the use of ancient divination practices, trance ritual and sonic vibration, HDC+ opens channels of communication and empowers the listener. This collective artistic performance - The Liberation Process – infiltrates minds and removes layers of deception, thus enabling Truth to flourish.

Founded high in the mountains of Colorado and now based in San Francisco, HDC+ have stepped-up their outreach and are taking their message to the people. Their debut album “Survival Guide For the End of Time” is a hard-hitting slab of revolutionary consciousness that continues to galvanize a growing legion of followers across the globe. Momentum is building and the 2007 US and European festival circuits saw them deliver slamming performances at Reggae Rising, Furia, Eurockeennes, Earthdance and many more… Their upcoming album (slated for release on their own Champion Nation imprint) features three tracks with the legendary KRS-ONE, and includes contributions from Killah Priest (Wu-Tang Clan), Dr. Israel, Stero Lion, Elf Tranzporter, Wailer B, DJ Illnaughty, Lady K, and many others. Heavyweight Dub Champion’s mission is simple - The Unconditional Liberation of the Human Race.

“Heavyweight Dub Champion restores all hope” – KRS-ONE

“A shamanistic wall of hip-hop dubtronica that aims to topple the foundations of modern-day Babylon” – Westword Magazine


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Raised rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Keith started playing drums, guitar and bass at the age of 10. In 2006 he graduated the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied percussion. During this time he began writing electronic music under the moniker ‘Helios’ and in 2004 released his debut album, Unomia, on Merck Records. In 2006 the critically acclaimed follow-up album ‘Eingya’ was released on Type Records and a year later he released the ‘Ayres’ EP. Keith also records and performs music for piano under the name Goldmund for which he has releases on Type Records and Western Vinyl; he has written music for the BBC, Honda, MTV and his music can be heard in such films as “Mr. Lonely” by filmmaker Harmony Korine and the documentary “Manufactured Landscapes”.

Ill Gates (aka the Phat Conductor)

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The Phat Conductor, aka Ill Gates, is going on tour to promote his new album, Home Skool :: Live At Evolve Festival on North America’s Promo Records.

The Phat Conductor is one of Canada’s leading underground exports, holding it down since 1995 with gigs as far as Switzerland, the U.K, Burning Man, NY and the legendary Shambhala Music Festival in the rainforests on British Columbia. His diverse style covers all genres from Electro House, Techno, Breakbeat, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, DnB & IDM/Glitch. No matter what the venue, The Phat Conductor can suit his style to the crowd and keep your dancefloor rocking. Throw loads of original tunes and the fact that he works with live video into the mix and you have a sure fire crowd pleaser.

Jamie Janover

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Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator with the percussion stringedinstrument called the hammered dulcimer. He is influencing how the hammereddulcimer is played by applying techniques acquired from over 20 yearsexperience playing many other percussion instruments including: drum kit,the mini-kit (which he invented), multi-percussion, tabla, congas, bongos,timbales, tongue drum, and udu. Jamie also plays mini sitar, tamboura,swarmadal, water effects, didgeridoo, didgeribone and pyrocussion. Sincemoving to Boulder, Colorado in 1995, Jamie has toured with a diverse groupof bands and solo artists including: ZILLA, SPORQUE, Zuvuya, The EveryoneOrchestra, Rena Jones, The Motet, The Zambiland Orchestra, and his own band,Jamie Janover and Friends, among others.

Kalpataru Tree

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Channeling the inspirations of Nature and Mystical Experience into introspective audio journeys, Kalpataru Tree’s originally produced Psy-Dub is conceived in Southern Cascadia.. Having toured the west coast electronica scene for several years, this is Kalpataru Tree’s 3rd year at Emrgnsee. Using heavy bass as the backbone, Kalpataru Tree musically wanders from gentle ambient-dub soundscapes to psychedelically charged mid-tempo. Come dance, stretch, move and dream to these delicious frequencies guaranteed to inspire.


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Currently mixing as artist Kitty-D (Troubled Youth, SF), he is also known as Daveed. Twice a month Kitty-D throws the event "Beatchurch" event at Nickie’s in San Francisco with DJ Neptune. (

Kitty-D rocks his mid-tempo wobbly bass, haunting melodies, and breaky alien glitch-hop styles with live manipulations and surprises. Sounds that are inspired by life, death, and the unknown; experimenting with sound waves to incite healing, crunk, and emotional madness. This is Kittyology.

Kitty-D started creating music with intention at 7 years old with guitar and keyboards. At 13 he started experimenting with outboard audio equiment and patching cheap keyboards, samplers, drum machines, effects processors, and electric guitars through various recording devices. After going to his first "rave" parties, he was inspired by the possibilities of electronic sounds coming from large quality sound systems, particularly of the subsonic realm. With the evolution of computer audio equipment, he has taken the next step with using computer programs, outboard equipment and an arsenal library of manipulated and self created sounds to initialize a universe of sonic fiction.

Other artists that Kitty-D has been happy to collaborate with include: Ooah da turntablist (the seedling escape), Goldilox, Rena Jones, Lux and more.

Lafa Taylor

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Holy smashed avocado batman check out the new Lafa Taylor Site! There’s lots of new goodies to check out including: Free Music, Wallpaper, Photos, Video, Events Schedule and more!

Lesley Kernochan

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A young lady with blueberry eyes and red hair will sing songs to you with her keyboard and perhaps her stuffed hamster with green button eyes, if you’re lucky. Her songs let you know that she is “not your piece of meat,” that “the octogenarian in her says to do it because you love it,” and that Janis Joplin and James Brown can co-exist in one squeal-scream. Her music is 100% guaranteed to transform you into a fully enlightened being as long as you stay for the whole show.


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Like many of their peers on Quannum Projects, their lyrics tend to be rhythmically intricate and emotionally introspective. They take a positive approach in their lyrics, especially noticeable in songs like “Livin’ Time”. They take a dim view toward the prevailing “gangsta” trends and what they view as the “dumbed down” and “immoral” tendencies of mainstream American rap. Other topics covered on their debut album Spirit in Stone include politics, social relationships, religion and racial progress.

The group also contributed to the Elliott Smith tribute album To: Elliott From: Portland, covering the Elliott Smith song “Happiness”. Other artists on the tribute album include The Decemberists and The Thermals.

In April 2007 the group released their second album, Gutterfly. They tour frequently with labelmates and partners Blackalicious. They have collaborated with several notable artists, including Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Fishbone, J-Live, Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab, DJ Shadow, and Dead Prez.

Living Roots

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Painted Paw Productions
“…for your soul. A Groove, get-you-moving band. Calling on all funky roots. Born of a Love for 70’s era Roots Reggae, adding growth rings, New Orleans Funk, Afro-beat, and Original Sound. Having fun since 2004…”
We are based in Southern Oregon. Performing as a trio as well as up to a six piece. Our instrumentation includes, Drum Kit, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Rhodes and Keys, Baritone Sax, and Percussion.

Luminous Fog

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BA boom boom prshtt. booom click. The beat is the foundation it couldbe a kick drum or a vocal chord beat box. Now we need the funk bassfrom the depths of deep. Reflecting the frequency of the streets, andtrees. Tell me who’s got a jazz trumpet with so much feeling andtaste. Luminous Fog is the place. The essence of the Luminous Fog bandis heavy groove laden, highly inspirational, urban music meets dubpsychedelia jam band with some staight up beatboxing on top of that.Yall know we keep it positive. Lyrics with intention and rooted in theroots mon. We are at a point in human evolution where many forms ofmusic are melded together. So LF does this thier own way. We don’thave a favorite band that we’re tryin to sound like, we sound like us.Old skool 70’s Funk, HipHop, Reggae, Dub and all out groove madnesswhile makin love to the spontaneous. pump it up, slow it down. Bringthe truth. Music reflects life. Life itself is a journey and so is aLuminous Fog performance. More so an experience. So come check it.


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LYNX’s style consists of an eclectic blend of folk music, hip hop and electronica. Her talents include guitar playing, singing, rhyming, live looping and outrageous beat-boxing with a message behind it all that deals with world issues today including climate change and social justice.

Max Ulis

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Alongside Vancouver Canada’s Lighta! and Sub Osc crews Max has been pushing his dubstep and glitched out digital dancehall sounds up and down the west coast. Lighta!’s Dubforms parties in Vancouver have showcased some of the finest talent Dubstep has to offer.Known to bring the heavy heat,Max has appeared alongside the likes of Skream, Benga, Hatcha, Loefah, Kode 9, The Bug,Dj Vadim, DZ, Ghislain Poirier, Youngsta, Dj C, Filastine, Knifehandchop, Deadbeat,and the legendary Remarc.Look for Max’s vinyl and digital releases on SUB-OSC this year…


[ Link ] [ Top of Page ]

I live in Portland, Oregon and co-run Lo Dubs Records. I have been djing since 1996. My style in anchored by dub vibes and dread bass. I love oldskool
jungle and dub and so… dubstep. I run a monthly party called Various since December 2006. I host a monthly radio show on Subfm since April 2006. I grew up in Northern California and am looking forward to returning
to club Six for Suriya Dub!! I played Argon’s night there last year as well as Grime City and Brap Dem.

Myka 9

[ Link ] [ Top of Page ]
entertainment head (music,film,tv,stage,entrepreneurial spirit ,”underground” hip hop pioneer; icon in his genre who helped the world to “freestyle” artistic expression and founder of legendary group freestyle fellowship also currently a haiku de tat and magic heart genies member in association with project blowed,ironworx production and M9 entertainment. myka 9 music can be purchased at and itunes. soon more merchandise will be available at


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Spiritual Technologies / Beat Church S.F.
Neptune has been a professional dj for 24 years now. Not limited to any
genre of music he plays for the group consciousness in the moment, and is
able to rock any style, for any crowd anytime. Neptune has been a part of
El Circo, Get Freaky, Get your Freak on, IK, Yoga Tai Chi, Moontribe, Anan
Salon, Decadance, Lush, Earthdance, and played alongside George Clinton,
Dj Logic, Dj Spooky, Freq Nasty, Adam Freeland, Tipper, Krafty Cutz, Lee
Coombs, Cheb I Sabba, and Simon Possford (Hallucinogen/Schpongled) to name
a few. He also does his own form of ritual healing dance ceremony called
“dreamdance” utilizing modern versions of ancient shamanic tools. For
these dance ceremonies he has developed a style of music he refers to as
neo-indigenous, a hybrid of traditional music and sounds fused with the
modern production and engineering of today. Neptune has committed his
life to using music to heal and unify people in every way possible not
limiting himself to any particular group or style of music. He sees music
as a powerful tool for elevating human consciousness and is here for the
long haul, determined to take it all to the next level.


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A man of peace, a man of truth and a man of some serious sonic wizardry,NOVATRON (aka the amBASSabor of TRON) uses an arsenal of outboard modules(synths, samplers, efx and mixer) to create an improvised breakbeat symphonythat is filled with infinite color and emotion. Tear through the fabric oftime into multiple realms of reality with this mad scientist’s infectiousgrooves.

Organik Time Machine

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Organik Time Machine is a genre blending band from Ashland Oregon.Mixing funk hip hop reggae jazz and even bluegrass with their uniqueblend of Electronica inspired beats and melodies. Since their formationin spring ‘05 their fanbase has steadily grown packing clubs throughoutoregon and california. The mission of Organik time machine is to spreadlove, peace, compassion,and understanding through our music. Trying tobring positivity and a funky good time to every venue we play. Musichas the power to unite and has brought so much joy to our liveshopefully we can give a little of that back in our own way. So thankyou all and continue to check us out as we evolve and continue ourmusical mission together.


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As one of the founding members of the dub hop collective Heavyweight Dub Champion, Patch has been widening the perception of live engineering performance (Live PA). In his solo project, Patch has been crafting a new style of soundscapes and rhythms and further pushing the realms of electronic production into the world of immersive quadraphonic surround sound.

In a kind of sonic alchemy, vibrations are woven and layered with the sole intention being the release from the terrestrial self. Through the use of harmonic pulse, the connection of conscience and the urgency of unity are the goal.

For the last ten years Heavyweight Dub Champion has headlined and been featured artists in major festivals, clubs, and underground gatherings throughout the U.S, Europe and Canada. H.D.C.+ has shared billing with Amon Tobin, Tricky, Damien Marley, Steel Pulse, Marilyn Manson, Wu-Tang Clan, Sonic Youth and KRS One, to name a few.


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Jeremiah exploded onto the dubstep scene this year @ the DubformsFest., sharing the stage with Loefah and the lighta! crew. Having doneremixes for the likes of Cheb I Sabbah, Al Haca, Bassnectar, Third EyeTribe and FSOL Jeremiah is making his mark on the west coast and nowgarnering international attention, prepare to find out why…

Pnuma Trio

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Try this story on for size: three upstarts in Memphis use their classical and jazz training to hammer out beat-driven compositions encompassing the funkiness of the jam scene and the mind-bending progressions of electronica. The young bucks known as Pnuma Trio instantly find themselves in high demand, playing nearly two hundred dates in 2006 alone. The trio bangs out scene-stealing festival plays at Langerado and Camp Bisco, gets tapped to provide support for such artists as Buckethead, The Disco Biscuits, and Michael Franti and Spearhead, and fills up clubs and small theatres that most bands reach only after years of toil. Just for style points, they finish up the year with a barn-storming, sold-out tour of Japan including a massive set at the world-famous Nagisa Festival. Yet despite their success, Pnuma Trio hasn’t stopped developing artistically. The new year brings with it a move for the crew – from the rock and roll birthplace of Memphis to their new digs, in the cool mountain air of Boulder, Colorado – but more importantly, for their music. Incorporating the live-processed wizardry of their earlier work, Pnuma Trio is unveiling a new sound for their upcoming tour dates. The new tracks sound like Pac-Man on a rampage, gobbling up Squarepusher discs, washing them down with the atmospheric stylings of LTJ Bukem, and squeezing in a slice of Detroit House for dessert. Don’t miss the show – Pnuma Trio is coming to burn up a dance floor near you. Alex Botwin - Bass Ben Hazlegrove - Keyboards Lane Shaw - Drums

Random Rab

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Emerging from his own distinct corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers a powerful, timeless contribution to sonic exploration. Rab is a master of manipulating our temporal awareness, leading us into seemingly ancient worlds, where to our amazement, we find visible shreds of the future. Allow his sound to catalyze your travels into haunting ecstasy, and you will not return to your same beginning. Playing only his own originally produced music live, the depth and craftsmanship of this offering is remarkable. With an array of drum machines, samplers, sequencers, and instruments, it is a clear devotion to expression and perfection. The beats are smooth, bold, and overwhelming. The original vocals, melodies and hitting bass merge seamlessly into a tapestry of unique and unexpected journeys.

Ryan Organ

[ Link ] [ Top of Page ]
Offshore Recordings/Aleutian Audio/variousbasspdx
Heavy in Portland’s dance music scene, Ryan Organ began deejaying and
promoting since the age of 16 back home in Canada. He is musically
wise beyond his years and lives to further develop his deep record
collection with a high degree of diversity. Ryan has been holding down
his radio show “The Eleventh Hour” weekly on KPSU for over three years
and co-maintains, documenting goings on in the drum & bass
community in Portland.

Ryan co-founded “Various”, a dubstep, jungle & dub night alongside
good friend Monkeytek in December 2006. It has grown into a massive
monthly party hosting Portland’s best alongside visiting world class
talent, all played bass-heavy on H.A.S Systems.

He also runs New York based jungle label Offshore Recordings alongside
DJ Clever and runs his own web label Aleutian Audio, built to channel
the high quality tunes being produced here in the Northwest. By day,
Ryan can be found ordering dubstep and jungle for Anthem Records.


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A classically trained composer and trumpet-player goneelectronic, saQi fuses the darkness and light throughlush melodies and wicked beats. His live sets are ajourney through movements that create a sonic story.He often incorporates other live musicians into hisperformance. He also plays trumpet and composes for theMarch Fourth Marching Band.

Sasha “Butterfly” Rose

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Sasha “butterfly” Rose has been immersed in music since a young age. With a background in acoustic music, she started playing guitar at age 14 and began writing her own music and lyrics. She began playing with the band Freedom Tribe at 17 and played the festival circuit up and down the west coast, hawaii and Australia. When she was 20 she began the Sasha Butterfly band, who continued to play mainly the festival circuts. The influences in those years were huge as she branched out to be the background singer for acts such as Jai Uttal and the Pagan love Orchestra, Prezident Brown, Hamzalila, Tina Malia, Shimshai, Jah Levi, Blayne Lyon, and Cohen and the Newsuperheroes. She also began appearing with acts such as Zilla (members of String Cheese), The Everyone Orchestra and was a member of the Funginears. Many worlds were bridged through her music. She can perform as either an acoustic trio, A full funky band, or a solo electronic act. All with the common thread of her soulful, angelic vocal style. . The music is a gypsy fusion of rich melodies and funky beats, with a common theme of conscious lyrics and a voice to soothe your soul.


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Portland Oregon’s reigning live electronica bad-ass…Solovox is what happens when serious keyboard skills collide with cutting edge beats and nastiness from the future. From his live shows with Dahlia’s Jen Folker, KJ Sawka, and the Everyone Orchestra…to his recent performances with L.A.’s Mutaytor, Solovox is a true musician and natural entertainer. According to David Clifford of Willamette Weekly, Solovox “offers the soul-bearing soar of Low era David Bowie, but played as if both Booker T and Keith Emerson sat in on keyboards.” With shows in Costa Rica, Las Vegas, L.A. and Seattle, he gets around…but is happy to be bringing his extreme stank to the neighborhood woods at EmrgNsee…last year he performed three times…what will happen this year?

Surrounded By Ninjas

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One of the early NW forbearers of completely improvised electronic music, Surrounded By Ninjas has been a part of the scene since 2002. Now deep into composition with their ideas and with two albums under their belt (2003’s Realtime Modify and 2006’s Dual Processor), the duo of keyboardist/producer Asher Fulero and DJ/Visual Artist Joel Barber are excited to return with their long-awaited third album, The Disassociation Association, due out Fall ‘08 with a intelligently deep and danceable sound ready to take over your brainwaves. SBN have appeared in a number of high profile situations, including: shows with Sound Tribe Sector 9, JFJO, and the Lymbyc Systym; spots at big events like High Sierra Music Festival, the Seattle Art Museum Grand Re-Opening, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA; and collaborations with artists like Kai Eckhardt and Reed Mathis. Ever on the cutting edge of using their gear for live manipulation, SBN has come full circle from their free-improv roots and now perform tightly arranged grooves with manipulated spoken word samples that will make your brain and your booty tickle at the same time.

Taal Mala

[ Link ] [ Top of Page](lighta! sound/SUB-OSC) - Vancouver, BCKilling sound since ‘97, Taal Mala is lighting up the dancefloors and burning you with wobbley sub frequencies that have been known to melt an internal organ or two. His music encompasses a mashup of dancehall, dubstep, ragga jungle, and techno with mentalist basslines, glitched out ragga vibes, turntablism, and complex riddim changes that will warp your perception of dancefloor music. As a member of the SUB-OSC and Lighta! soundsystems, Taal Mala has buried an excess of tin pan soundboys alongside The Bug, Kode9, Loefah, Benga, Skream, Hatcha, Youngsta, Martyn…etc. Look out for lighta! and SUB-OSC vinyl releases in 2008.

Tarran the Tailor

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A slow tango after a muddy barndance. Tarran the Tailor makes strange albums in vast limited numbers.
He dreams in color about rusty cans having slow dances with giant birds.
He makes music by hitting things and singing through a brass horn microphone.
He likes orange better than blue.
He has been on Big stages and small ones.
He likes small ones the best.
He has played with some famous people you might know.
He doesnt care if you know that.
He wants to make you cry and dance at the same time.
He has a new album out soon, check it!

The Armageddon Prevention Team

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The Armageddon Prevention Team is a tightly-knit cadre of artists and activists dedicated to using the performance platform as a catalyst for the evolution of our global society. Taking a stance against the Military-Industrial-Prison Complex and the multinational corporations that support it, the APT is dedicated to the progress of humanity. The APT is here to give a voice to the transcension of war and subjugation. The APT recognize love as the binding creative force of the Universe, and that heartfelt art has the ability to inspire and motivate people.

The Armageddon Prevention Team is proud to premiere their new multimedia show, “Advanced Peace Technologies,” at Emrg+N+See, featuring original music, integrated video and performance. The cast at this time includes: Dylan Lane aka Ill Gates, Department of Motion; Eugene Steele, Sonic Arsenal Manager; Chris Sia, Minister of Properganda; and Ross Moriel aka .deft, Audio Ambassador.

The E.L.F. Gabriel

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Standing tall behind the musical appendages of choice, often aMacBook Pro, technics turntables, a few cdjs and a whole other array ofknobs and dials, E.L.F. also stands as the backbone of the Maui partyscene. His seemingly ceaseless efforts to bring quality experience andcommunity spirit to the audiences in Maui are bearing beautiful fruitindeed; not to mention the rest of the US as well. Already a 2007veteran from events such as the Gem and Trade Show in Tuscon, AZ, andthe Hawaii regional Burning Man Gathering, there is little expectationthat E.L.F. will slow his roll this year.Combining heavy, scene saturating bass in a dubstep fashion, cuttingedge beats (glitched to perfection), HipHopY2K, and a lifetime ofmusical connoisseur, his sound is unmistakable. Gabriel is currentlyworking with a diverse array artists–almost all notably on the frontline of new productions—and for bringing and showcasing said talent onthe island of Maui, as well as the Big Island. Gabriel has mostrecently been responsible for connecting anticipating audiences withThe Glitch Mob–as well as individual members Boreta, ooah, Kitty D,edIT, and Kraddy)–David Starfire, and Lorin Bassnectar, and has formedquite an alliance with the immortal Tipper. There is rarely a dullmoment when E.L.F. is anywhere nearby, and things seem to be only justheating up.


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i listen to lots of idm -downtempo -dubstep -electro -glitchhop -breakbeat but these genre names are getting silly already ;) lets just say i LOVE BASS & ill beats in all of their glorious formz. i am dedicated to making music that vibrates POSITIVITY, LOVE, and LIGHT… w/ ridiculous amounts of BASS & a nasty-ass beat of course ;)


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Eskmo / Welder is a new addition to the West Coast. As Eskmo, histechno-infused glitchy-breaks moniker, he has releases on VerticalSound(UK), Cyberfunk(UK), Mechanoise(UK) and Downbeat(NYC). As Welder,his downtempo moniker, his debut LP “Vines and Stream” was released byCyberset(SF) at the end of 2006.


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Zilla is a Colorado based trio of musicians with the live experience in mind. A 100% organic, improvised experience, each Zilla concert proves to be a completely new occurrence, with even the band members having no idea where the music will take them night after night. Relying on their uncanny ability to listen and incorporate their individual talents into a group focused brand of live electronic dance music, Zilla is sweeping the country by storm with their rare breed of beats, bass and uncontrollable musical fury making each performance exactly what live music is all about: spontaneity, grooves, and a damn good dance party.



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